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Question 1: ________ described Bat Boy as, a “giggling cult hit”.
The New YorkerVanity Fair (magazine)GrantaHarper's Magazine

Question 2: Flemming composed and performed the music scores for Nothing So Strange under the name ________ and for The God Who Wasn't There under the name DJ Madson.
Steven LevittYale UniversityTexas A&M UniversityJohn Lott

Question 3: Despite the controversy, Nothing So Strange debuted at the 2002 ________ to nearly universal critical acclaim.
Sundance Film FestivalSalt Lake CitySouthern Utah International Documentary Film FestivalUtah

Question 4: Partly to promote his film, Flemming then co-founded a "punk" film festival in ________, called “the Slumdance Film Festival”, a pun on the name of the Slamdance Film Festival (which in turn referred to the Sundance Film Festival).
Coalville, UtahFrancis, UtahPark City, UtahSalt Lake City

Question 5: The unconventional stage musical is based on a story about a half-bat half-boy from the tabloid ________.
George W. BushWeekly World NewsBill ClintonUnited States

Question 6: Flemming caused considerable media controversy, not for the last time, with his second feature film, a faux documentary about the assassination of ________ called Nothing So Strange.
Bill GatesDairy QueenWarren BuffettBerkshire Hathaway

Question 7: Free Cinema was inspired by the ________, which is guided by similar principles of freedom.
Open-source softwareCopyleftFree software movementFree Software Foundation

Question 8: Flemming is interviewed on camera in the documentaries Independent's Day and ________.
Super Columbine Massacre RPG!Jack Thompson (activist)Danny LedonnePlaying Columbine

Question 9: In April 2006, Flemming, along with the ________ (an internet radio show), began the "War on Easter" to “provoke conversation about the dangers of religious belief”.
Kirk CameronRational Response SquadKent HovindPat Condell

Question 10: The film must be released under a ________ license.
Free Software FoundationCopyleftFree software licenceOpen-source software

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