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Question 1: Army during the ________.
United StatesNew York and New Jersey campaignSaratoga campaignAmerican Revolutionary War

Question 2: The ________ had legislation for the use of brevets in their armed forces, provided by Article 61 of the nation's Articles of War, and by their 1861 Army Regulations, based on the U.S.
American Civil WarConfederate States of AmericaConclusion of the American Civil WarMilitary of the Confederate States of America

Question 3: Often the nation's Continental Congress could not find suitable positions for foreign officers—mostly from ________—who sought commissions.
United KingdomFranceItalyCanada

Question 4: After officers became eligible for the Medal of Honor, a rare ________ was issued to living officers who had been brevetted between 1861 and 1915.
Wendell Cushing NevilleUnited States Marine CorpsMarine Corps Brevet MedalSmedley Butler

Question 5: In the ________ and German army and navy, it was possible to bestow a Charakter rank on officers that was in many respects similar to a brevet rank.
HamburgEast PrussiaPrussiaGerman Empire

Question 6: The Brevet conferred rank in the army, but importantly, not in the ________.
Division (military)CorpsRegimentCompany (military unit)

Question 7: [1] Beginning on April 16, 1818, brevet commissions also required confirmation by the ________, just as all other varieties of officer commissions did.
United States Congress110th United States Congress111th United States CongressUnited States Senate

Question 8: For example an officer might graduate from West Point and be appointed a brevet ________ until a posting opened up.
Lieutenant CommanderFirst LieutenantSecond LieutenantEnsign (rank)

Question 9: When first used, a brevet commission in the ________ entitled the officer to hold a higher rank.
United States Army AfricaUnited States armed forcesUnited States ArmyUnited States Marine Corps

Question 10: The United States ________ also issued brevets.
Amphibious warfareUnited States Marine CorpsMarine (military)Commando


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