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Question 1:
What family does Breton language belong to?

Question 2:
Who of the following spoke at the Breton language?
ca. 200,000
approx. 500,000-600,000

Question 3: Breton is a Brythonic language, descended from the Celtic British language brought from Great Britain to ________ by migrating Britons during the Early Middle Ages.

Question 4: Breton has four initial ________: though modern Breton lost the nasal mutation of Welsh, it also has a 'hard' mutation, in which voiced stops become voiceless, and a 'mixed' mutation, which is a mixture of hard and soft mutations.
EpenthesisConsonant mutationLenitionPalatalization

Question 5: As a written language, the ________ used Latin, switching to French in the 15th century.
Duchy of BrittanyArthur I, Duke of BrittanyAngevin EmpireConstance, Duchess of Brittany

Question 6: The other regional language of Brittany, Gallo, is a Langue d'oïl derived from ________.
LatinVulgar LatinRoman EmpireOld Latin

Question 7: There also exists a monolingual dictionary, ________, defining Breton words in Breton (first edition of 1995 contains about 10 000 words and the second 2001 edition contains 20 000 words).
Irish languageManx languageCornish languageBreton language

Question 8: Some movies (Lancelot, ________, Marion du Faouet, Sezneg) and TV series (Columbo, Perry Mason) are also broadcast in Breton.
Driving Miss DaisyShakespeare in LoveAcademy Award for Best PictureBAFTA Award for Best Film

Question 9: Both orthographies make use of the ________, with the supplemental signs â, ê, î, ñ, ô, û, ù, ü, and é which is used only in Skolveurieg.
Latin alphabetArabic alphabetRunic alphabetPhoenician alphabet

Question 10: It comes from a Celtic language community (see image) between Great Britain and ________ (present-day Brittany), and even Galicia.
CenomaniBritons (historical)SuessionesArmorica


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