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Brethren in Christ Church: Quiz


Question 1: The Brethren in Christ group usually known as ________ have no doctrinal or historical links with the Brethren in Christ Church.
NontrinitarianismJehovah's WitnessesChristianityChristadelphians

Question 2: ________ the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit reveals Himself through the divine record of the Scriptures.

Question 3: ________ (by trine immersion) and the Lord's supper are considered ordinances of the church.
BaptismInfant baptismProtestant ReformationLutheranism

Question 4: The Brethren in Christ trace their denomination back to a group of Mennonites who lived just north of Marietta, Pennsylvania on the east side of the ________.
Susquehanna RiverDeer Creek (Maryland)Octoraro CreekConowingo Creek

Question 5: Members of the Brethren in Christ Church founded ________ in 1909 (Grantham, Pennsylvania), and the Niagara Christian Collegiate (a Canadian preparatory school) in 1932 (Ontario, Canada).
Eastern University (United States)Geneva CollegeValley Forge Christian CollegeMessiah College

Question 6: The Brethren in Christ Church (BIC) is an ________ Christian denomination with roots in the Mennonite church, pietism, and Wesleyan holiness.
Protestant ReformationChristianityChristian denominationAnabaptist

Question 7: Many live out ________, while others do not view Christ's call to peace as an antiwar statement, but as a call to live peacefully on an interpersonal level.
Peace churchesPacifismPeace movementNonviolence

Question 8: During the ________, when required by the Union government of the United States to register as a body that held non-resistance values, the name Brethren in Christ was adopted.
Union (American Civil War)American Civil WarTennesseeBleeding Kansas

Question 9: As their Pietist lifestyles and their beliefs regarding baptism continued to develop, they began to distance themselves from other ________ denominations such as the Mennonites and German Baptists, of which groups they had previously been a part.
Protestant ReformationChristian denominationAnabaptistChristianity

Question 10: The church is also has affiliations with a number of camps, conference centers, and ministries, as well as Evangel Publishing House[3] in ________, and Christian Light Bookstores in Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.
North Webster, IndianaLeesburg, IndianaWarsaw, IndianaNappanee, Indiana


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