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Question 1: Hart was asked to start out in the WWF with a ________ gimmick but refused, citing that where he comes from "if you say you're a cowboy, you'd better be one".
EquestrianismAmerican Old WestCowboyUnited States

Question 2:
Which of the following names does Bret Hart go by?
Bret Hart
The Big Valbowski
Danny Holliday
Masked Assassin

Question 3: In May 1999, prior to his return, his brother ________ died in an accident during a WWF pay-per-view.
Bret HartShawn MichaelsOwen HartDavey Boy Smith

Question 4: At ________, Hart competed in his first championship match in WCW as he faced Booker T for Booker's WCW World Television Championship.
Halloween HavocThe Great American BashBash at the BeachFall Brawl

Question 5:
What role did Bret Hart play in the movie The Simpsons ?
Homer Simpson/Mayor Quimby
Homer Simpson/Krusty the Clown/Sideshow Mel/Monkeys/Grampa/Blue-Haired Lawyer/'D

Question 6: The eighth child of wrestling patriarch Stu Hart, Bret Hart was born in Calgary, Alberta into the ________.
Jim NeidhartHart wrestling familyDavey Boy SmithOwen Hart

Question 7:
When is Bret Hart's birthday?

Question 8: ________ (6 times)[140]
Bret HartStampede Wrestling International Tag Team ChampionshipStampede North American Heavyweight ChampionshipStampede Wrestling

Question 9:
Who of the following trained Bret Hart?

Question 10: He returned to WWE for a series of appearances in 2010, becoming involved in a rivalry with owner ________.
The UndertakerTriple HGlenn JacobsVince McMahon

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