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Brentford: Quiz


Question 1: It is asserted, without strong evidence, on the Brentford Monument, that a documented battle fought at this time between C├Žsar's forces and ________ took place at Brentford.
Beli MawrKing ArthurMagnus MaximusCassivellaunus

Question 2: Princess Amelia second daughter of George II, lived in ________.
BrentfordLondonGunnersbury ParkJohn Maynard (MP)

Question 3: ________ is currently building its European headquarters in Brentford on the site of the old Lucozade building.
Audi QuattroAudi 100AudiDirect-Shift Gearbox

Question 4: The Musical Museum houses a large collection of mechanical musical instruments, such as ________.
Piano rollPlayer pianoMechanical organDigital piano

Question 5: ________ (Headquarters), manufacturer of folding bicycles
Andrew RitchieDahonBrompton BicycleGiant Manufacturing

Question 6: 1642 Battle of Brentford during the ________
English Civil WarEnglish ReformationEnglish peopleEngland

Question 7: ________ 1785-86
Jean-Baptiste-Camille CorotJ. M. W. TurnerCaspar David FriedrichJohn Constable

Question 8: What does the following picture show?

  Front of Boston manor House
  Front of Boston manor House
  Houseboats on the Thames at Brentford, from Kew Bridge
  Brentford Public Library

Question 9: ________, BBC TV newscaster
Have I Got News for YouAnna FordSophie RaworthEngland

Question 10: The town is named as Bregentforda at the time of the Council of Brentford 781 and as 'Bregentforda' and 'Brentforda' in the ________ of 1016.
Anglo-Saxon ChronicleAlfred the GreatWessexAnglo-Saxons

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