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Question 1: 1800–________ Christian Ludwig von Hake (*1745–1818*)

Question 2: Johann Hinrich Voß (*1751–1826*), philologist, teacher, translator of ________ into German, lyricist, editor, rector of the Latin School in Otterndorf (1778–1782)
TroyHomerAncient GreeceClassical antiquity

Question 3: Since the Hanoveran monarchs had moved to ________, Hanover had become a state of very conservative and backwarded rule, with a local government recruited from local aristocrats adding up much to the preservation of outdated structures.

Question 4: [1] Frederick II was a son of King ________.
Frederick III of DenmarkFrederick II of DenmarkChristian IV of DenmarkChristian III of Denmark

Question 5: 1800–________ Christian Ludwig von Hake (*1745–1818*), ranked state minister, name giving for the species Hakea

Question 6: Asked in 1700 what to do by ________, Bremen-Verden's General Government recommended to concede Bremen's status as a Free imperial City.
Charles XI of SwedenAdolf Frederick of SwedenGustav III of SwedenCharles XII of Sweden

Question 7: In 1648 they were ________, meaning they were transformed into heritable monarchies by constitution.
Émile DurkheimSecularizationTalcott ParsonsSociology

Question 8: He succeeded his late father on the Danish throne as ________ in 1648.
Frederick III of DenmarkChristian IV of DenmarkChristian V of DenmarkChristian III of Denmark

Question 9: Pancratius in Neuenfelde (Altes Land) and of Ss. Cosmae et Damiani in ________

Question 10: 1668–93 Henrik Horn (*1618–1693*), de facto interrupted 1676–1679 by Brandenburg-Prussian and Danish occupation in the course of the ________
Swedish EmpireScanian WarGreat Northern WarSecond Northern War


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