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Breeding back: Quiz


Question 1: For some of the species that are being bred back, questions remain about the ecological niche, hardiness, and ________ resistance of the original species.

Question 2: Another prominent breeding back effort is the Quagga Project to bring back the extinct subspecies of the ________ called Quagga.
Mountain ZebraAfrican Wild AssDonkeyPlains Zebra

Question 3: Back breeding is also sometimes alleged to occur in ________ animal populations.
Feral horseCattleFeralDomestication

Question 4: It is not certain if "primitive" feral breeds (such as of sheep or ________) are so only because their ancestors were of primitive domestic breeds or if they have had a kind of natural back breeding.
Wild boarCattleHippopotamusPig

Question 5: Other selectively bred examples of breeding back include that of the ________, the extinct forerunner of domestic cattle.


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