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Question 1: Breed specific characteristics also known as breed traits are inherited, and purebred animals pass such traits from ________ to generation.
United StatesGenerationGeneration YGreatest Generation

Question 2: ________ breeds are more commonly known as varieties, or cultivars, and crosses between plant cultivars (or species) are referred to as hybrids.
Red algaePlantFungusArchaeplastida

Question 3: When bred together, animals of the same breed pass on these uniform traits to their offspring, and this ability—known as "________"—is a definitive requirement for a breed.
Breed registryHorse breedingPurebredHorse

Question 4: The population within the same breed consists of a sufficient number of animals to maintain the breed within the specified parameters without the necessity of forced ________.
Hybrid (biology)ConsanguinityInbreedingCousin marriage

Question 5: At the same time, avoiding animals carrying characteristics, not typical and/or undesirable for the breed, known as faults or ________ defects.


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