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Question 1: During the late stages of pregnancy the milk will change to ________, and some older nurslings will continue to feed even with this change, while others may wean due to the change in taste or drop in supply.
TuberculosisColostrumImmunoglobulin AAntibody

Question 2: Breastfeeding releases ________ and prolactin, hormones that relax the mother and make her feel more nurturing toward her baby.

Question 3: As breastfeeding can transmit ________ from mother to child, UNAIDS recommends avoidance of all breastfeeding where formula feeding is acceptable, feasible, affordable and safe.
Safe sexHIV and AIDS misconceptionsHIVAIDS dementia complex

Question 4: In ________, though most approve of breastfeeding, some mothers may be reluctant to do so out of fear of public opinion.
EuropeWestern worldWestern cultureModern history

Question 5: Shared breastfeeding can incur strong negative reactions in the Anglosphere;[94] American feminist activist Jennifer Baumgardner has written about her experiences in ________ with this issue.
New JerseyNew YorkConnecticutMassachusetts

Question 6: Breast milk is made from nutrients in the mother's ________ and bodily stores.
Myocardial infarctionCirculatory systemFetal circulationHeart

Question 7: This coincides with the peak incidence of ________.
Sleep apneaNicotineCocaineSudden infant death syndrome

Question 8: [2] Artificial feeding is associated with more deaths from diarrhea in infants in both developing and ________.
TurkeyHuman Development IndexHigh income economyDeveloped country

Question 9: The various ________ available for sale and rent help working mothers to feed their babies breast milk for as long as they want.
Breast pumpBreastfeedingPregnancyLactation

Question 10: Shared breastfeeding is a risk factor for ________ infection in infants.
Safe sexAIDSHIVHIV and AIDS misconceptions

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