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Question 1: A breaking ball is more difficult than a fastball for a ________ to receive as breaking pitches sometimes hit the ground before making it to the plate (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not).
Batting order (baseball)Designated hitterCatcherCleanup hitter

Question 2: ________ and sliders are two types of breaking balls.
KnuckleballCurveballYellow HammerFastball

Question 3: In ________, a breaking ball is a pitch that does not travel straight like a fastball as it approaches the batter.
BaseballTown ballBaseball awardsSoftball

Question 4: The "hanger" becomes a high, slow pitch that is very easy to hit, and often results in extra bases or a ________.
Run (baseball)Home runStrikeoutWalk-off home run

Question 5: The ________ must therefore have confidence in the catcher, and the catcher have confidence in himself, to block a ball in the dirt when there are runners on base, since if the ball gets away from the catcher the runners will likely advance.
PitcherBatting order (baseball)Designated hitterCleanup hitter


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