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Question 1: Breakfast cereals have their beginnings in the vegetarian movement in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, which influenced members of the ________ in the United States.
Seventh-day Adventist eschatologyHistoric AdventismSeventh-day Adventist theologySeventh-day Adventist Church

Question 2: Ferdinand Schumacher, president of the American Cereal Company, created the first commercially successful cereal made from oats; manufacturing took place in ________.
Columbus, OhioAkron, OhioCincinnatiCleveland

Question 3: Kasha is found throughout much of Eastern Europe, including Poland and ________.

Question 4: The flour was refined to remove fiber, which at the time was considered to make digestion and absorption of nutrients difficult, and ________ was added to improve the flavor for children.
HoneyMetabolismSugarHigh-fructose corn syrup

Question 5: In China, a popular ________ combination is fried bread, known as you tiao, and rice congee or soy milk.
Medieval cuisineBreakfastFoodSalad

Question 6: Most hot cereal can be classified as ________, in that they consist of cereal grains which are soaked and/or boiled to soften them and make them palatable.

Question 7: ________ is a popular addition to Red River cereal.

Question 8: Because of Kellogg and Post, the city of ________ is nicknamed the "cereal city".
Calhoun County, MichiganBattle Creek, MichiganJackson, MichiganKalamazoo, Michigan

Question 9: In ________, a breakfast is kasha, a porridge of buckwheat (Russian: гречка, grechka), farina (Russian: манна, manna), or other grains.
Russian cultureMoscowUnited StatesRussia

Question 10: Beginning after World War II, the big breakfast cereal companies – now including ________, who entered the market in 1924 with Wheaties – increasingly started to target children.
General Mills3MDairy QueenTarget Corporation

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