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Question 1: Vacuum furnaces is a relatively economical method of oxide prevention and is most often used to braze materials with very stable oxides (________, titanium and zirconium) that cannot be brazed in atmosphere furnaces.

Question 2: The "welding" of ________ is usually a brazing operation, with a filler rod made chiefly of nickel being used although true welding with cast iron rods is also available.
Wrought ironSteelAlloy steelCast iron

Question 3: In another similar usage, brazing is the use of a bronze or ________ filler rod coated with flux together with an oxyacetylene torch to join pieces of steel.

Question 4: Silver brazing is similar to soldering, but higher temperatures are used, and the filler metal has a significantly different composition and higher melting point than ________.

Question 5: Dip brazing is especially suited for brazing ________ because air is excluded, thus preventing the formation of oxides.

Question 6: Common atmospheres used include: inert, reducing or ________ atmospheres all of which protect the part from oxidation.
UniverseVacuumVacuum pumpOuter space

Question 7: Typical vacuum levels for brazing range from pressures of 1.3 to 0.13 pascals (10−2 to 10−3 ________) to 0.00013 Pa (10−6 Torr) or lower.
Pascal (unit)Pounds per square inchTorrPressure measurement


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