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Question 1: Together, they recorded and released a ________ entitled Bratmobile DC.
Gramophone recordReel-to-reel audio tape recordingCompact DiscCompact Cassette

Question 2: The chemistry was right, and the band was relaunched to go on tour with ________.
Carrie BrownsteinSleater-KinneyOne BeatCorin Tucker

Question 3: Allison's ________ and activism found many significant outlets and Erin's guitar playing grew more accomplished and technical while always staying true to her minimalist pop leanings.
Women's rightsWomen's suffrageFeminismGender equality

Question 4: Records and produced by Tim Green of ________ and The Fucking Champs.
The Make-UpThe Nation of Ulysses13-Point Program to Destroy AmericaIan Svenonius

Question 5: It was influenced by indie pop in the United States as well as ________, girl groups, surf, and punk rock.
Post-BritpopAlternative rockShoegazingBritpop

Question 6: The album delighted critics and earned Bratmobile new fans as they toured with ________, The Donnas, The Locust, and more.
Corin TuckerOne BeatCarrie BrownsteinSleater-Kinney

Question 7: Bratmobile was a first-generation ________ band that grew from the Northwest and Washington DC underground.
Noise rockRiot GrrrlThird-wave feminismPsychobilly

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