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Bratislava Region: Quiz


Question 1: The area was part of the Principality of Nitra and later of the ________ in the 9th century.
BratislavaGreat MoraviaSlovakiaHungary

Question 2: During the ________ the Bratislava county was restored, albeit with somewhat modified borders.
SlovakiaSlovak Republic (1939–1945)Czechoslovak Republic (1918–1938)Czechoslovakia

Question 3: According to the 2001 census, there were 599,015 inhabitants in the region, with most of them being Slovaks (91.2%), with a minority of Hungarians (4.6%) and ________ (1.6%).
SlovakiaCzechsCzech RepublicPrague

Question 4: The first known permanent settlement of the area of today's Bratislava began with the ________, around 5000 BC in the Neolithic era.
Vinča cultureCorded Ware cultureFunnelbeaker cultureLinear Pottery culture

Question 5: Major rivers in the region are the Morava River, the ________ and the Little Danube, the latter with the Danube encircling the Žitný ostrov in the south-east.

Question 6: The Bratislava Region (Slovak: Bratislavský kraj) is one of the administrative regions of ________.
PolandSlovakiaHungaryCzech Republic

Question 7: The region borders Trnava Region in the north and east, Győr-Moson-Sopron county in Hungary in the south, Burgenland in ________ in the south-west and Lower Austria in the west.
Czech RepublicPolandAustriaSlovenia

Question 8: From the 10th century onwards, it became part of the Principality of Hungary (later called ________) and almost wholly became part of the Pozsony county (with the exception of three villages south of Bratislava which were part of the Moson county).
Kingdom of HungaryHistory of HungaryAdministrative divisions of the Kingdom of HungarySrijem County


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