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Question 1: Thus, as exceptional cases one finds brass instruments made of wood like the ________, the cornett, and the serpent, while some woodwind instruments are made of brass, like the saxophone.
Natural hornLituusConrad GessnerAlphorn

Question 2: The second division, that based on bore diameter in relation to the length[2] determines whether it is the fundamental tone or the first ________ which is the lowest partial practically available to the player:
3rd bridgeGuqinOvertoneJust intonation

Question 3: The trombone family's ancestor, the ________, and the folk instrument bazooka are also in the slide family.

Question 4: Brass instruments are made of a lacquered or plated ________.
Noble gasNonmetalHalogenMetal

Question 5: Some higher quality and higher cost instruments use ________ or silver plating to prevent corrosion.

Question 6: ________ have similar brass instrumentation to an orchestra, typically:
Marching bandSchool bandTimpaniConcert band

Question 7: By making the instrument about twice as long as the equivalent woodwind instrument and starting with the second harmonic, players can get a good range of notes simply by varying the tension of their lips (see ________).
Cor anglais (English horn)ClarinetOboeEmbouchure

Question 8: Since the early decades of the 20th century, piston valves have been the most common on brass instruments except for the orchestral horn and the ________.

Question 9: The main instruments in this category are the trombone family, though valve trombones are occasionally used, especially in ________.
American popular musicJazzDixielandBlues

Question 10: The tuba and the ________ are instances of whole-tube brass instruments.
EuphoniumAlto hornBrass instrumentTrombone


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