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Question 1: Aluminium brass contains ________, which improves its corrosion resistance.

Question 2:
What role did Harry Myers play in the TV series Brass?
Chief Mike Maldonato
Frank Nolan
Philip Baldwin
Wilbur Lansing

Question 3:
Who played Rosemary Church the TV series Brass?
Helen Ferguson
Marie Prevost
Caroline Blakiston
Irene Rich

Question 4: Brass has a muted yellow color, somewhat similar to ________.

Question 5:
Who played Mrs. Grotenberg aka Mrs. G. the TV series Brass?
Lois Nettleton
Caroline Blakiston
Irene Rich
Irene Rich

Question 6: [86] In 1723 ________ brass maker Nehemiah Champion patented the use of granulated copper, produced by pouring molten metal into cold water.

Question 7:
What role did Marcia Cross play in the TV series Brass?
Lady Patience Hardacre
Marjorie Jones
Victoria Willis
Lucy Baldwin

Question 8:
What role did Helen Ferguson play in the TV series Brass?
Claire Willis
Rosemary Church
Mrs. Grotenberg aka Mrs. G.
Marjorie Jones

Question 9: [9] It was eventually replaced by speltering, the direct alloying of copper and zinc metal which was introduced to ________ in the 16th century.
EuropeBalkansEastern EuropeWestern Europe

Question 10:
What role did Caroline Blakiston play in the TV series Brass?
Mrs. Grotenberg aka Mrs. G.
Marjorie Jones
Lady Patience Hardacre
Victoria Willis

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