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Question 1:

Question 2:
Who designed Brainfuck?
Urban Mu00FCller
Robin Nicholas & Patrica Saunders
Dennis Nordman
PhotoScript in-house studio

Question 3: It is a Turing tarpit, designed to challenge and amuse ________, and is not suitable for practical use.
ProgrammerSoftware engineeringComputer programmingComputer

Question 4: Nonetheless, like any ________ language, brainfuck is theoretically capable of computing any computable function or simulating any other computational model, if given access to an unlimited amount of memory.
Programming languageTuring machineTuring completenessProgramming paradigm

Question 5: The classic distribution is Müller's version 2, containing a compiler for the ________, an interpreter, example programs, and a readme document.
AmigaAmiga 1200Amiga 4000Amiga 4000T

Question 6: In fact, using six symbols equivalent to the respective brainfuck commands +, -, <, >, [, ], Böhm provided an explicit program for each of the basic functions that together serve to compute any ________.
Computable functionComputability theoryHalting problemTuring machine

Question 7: Even more cells are needed to store things like the millionth ________, and the easiest way to make the language Turing-complete is to make the array unlimited on the right.
Fibonacci numberEuclidean algorithmGolden ratioPell number

Question 8: various alterations of the loop semantics, sometimes destroying ________
Turing completenessProgramming languageProgramming paradigmTuring machine

Question 9: Urban Müller created brainfuck in 1993 with the intention of designing a language which could be implemented with the smallest possible ________,[2] inspired by the 1024-byte compiler for the FALSE programming language.
Compiler optimizationAssembly languageInterpreted languageCompiler

Question 10: The brainfuck programming language is an ________ noted for its extreme minimalism.
Non-English-based programming languagesProgramming paradigmEsoteric programming languageCompiled language

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