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Question 1: ________ can cause brain damage to the neural stem cells and oligodendrocyte cells that produce myelin.
ATC code LChemotherapyCancer immunotherapyAntineoplastic

Question 2: Brain injuries often create long-term impairment or ________ which can vary greatly in severity.
Mental disorderDisabilityBlindnessDisability rights movement

Question 3: The most severe cases result in ________ or even persistent vegetative state.
AmnesiaICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findingsAuditory hallucinationComa

Question 4: Neurologists, neurosurgeons, and physiatrists are ________ who specialise in treating brain injury.
Medical schoolPsychiatryPhysicianPediatrics

Question 5: In cases of serious brain injuries, the likelihood of areas with permanent disability are great, including neurocognitive deficits, ________ (often specifically monothematic delusions), speech or movement problems, and mental handicap.
PsychosisBipolar disorderDelusionSchizoaffective disorder

Question 6: Prognosis, or the likely progress of a disorder, depends on the nature, location and cause of the brain damage (see ________).
Epidural hematomaTraumatic brain injuryConcussionCerebral contusion

Question 7: Brain injuries occur due to a very wide range of conditions, illnesses, injuries, and as a result of ________ (adverse effects of medical treatment).

Question 8: Possible causes of widespread (diffuse) brain damage include prolonged hypoxia (shortage of oxygen), poisoning by teratogens (including ________), infection, and neurological illness.

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