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Question 1: Disgusted by politics within the Tagore Family and the support to K.C.Sen's faction by his own brother ________, Hemendranath took the bold decisions to expand his Sabha out from Calcutta.
Monomohun GhoseSri AurobindoJyotirindranath TagoreSatyendranath Tagore

Question 2: In all fields of social reform, including abolition of the caste system and of the dowry system, emancipation of women, and improving the educational system, the Brahmo Samaj reflected the ideologies of the ________.
Sri AurobindoDebendranath TagoreBengal RenaissanceSwami Vivekananda

Question 3: [1] It was conceived as reformation of the prevailing ________ of the time and began the Bengal Renaissance of the 19th century pioneering all religious, social and educational advance of the Hindu community in the 19th century.
IndiaWest BengalBangladeshBengal

Question 4: Haradev Chattopadhyaya, the future father-in-law to MahaAcharya ________[19]
Brahmo SamajHemendranath TagoreDebendranath TagoreRabindranath Tagore

Question 5: He proceeded on a sea voyage to ________ accompanied by Sen and his 2nd son Satyendranath (a firm admirer of Mr Sen) but no concord was achieved.
Sri LankaMaldivesPakistanMalaysia

Question 6: These were essentially informal meetings of ________ (the "twice born"), accompanied by Upanishadic recitations in Sanskrit followed by Bengali translations of the Sanskrit recitation and singing of Brahmo hymns composed by Rammohun.
Bengali BrahminsWest BengalMukherjeeBihar

Question 7: Brahmoism, as a means of discussing the dowry system, was a central theme of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's noted 1914 ________ novella, Parineeta.
Gujarati languageUrduBengali languageSanskrit

Question 8: His third son ________ then a boy barely 15 years in age, and the favorite pupil of Vidyasgar, was commonly acclaimed as Debendranath's successor to head the Tattwabodhini.
Rabindranath TagoreHemendranath TagoreDebendranath TagoreBrahmo Samaj

Question 9: Many branches were opened in the Punjab, at Quetta, Rawalpindi, ________ etc.
AmritsarHyderabad, IndiaChandigarhDelhi

Question 10: Brahmo Samaj (Bengali ব্রাহ্ম সমাজ Bramho Shômaj) is the societal component of ________.
Debendranath TagoreBrahmoismKeshub Chunder SenAdi Dharm

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