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Question 1: In Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, the Bhardwaj, the ________ from Himalayan region of Indian subcontinent.
RajputJamwalBais RajputDogra

Question 2: Tansen, Baiju Bawra the musician of ________'s court was born a Brahmin.
Akbar the GreatMughal EmpireHumayunBabur

Question 3: There are many members of the Swaminarayan Sampraday founded by ________, born as Ghanshyam Pande a Vaishnavite Brahmin of present-day Uttar Pradesh.
SwaminarayanSwaminarayan HinduismSwami RamanandGunatitanand Swami

Question 4: The nomadic tribe of Kerala, the Kakkarissi according to one legend are derived from the mouth of ________, the vehicle of Vishnu, and came out Brahmin.

Question 5: During the ________, court Brahmins were consulted by kings for moving royal capitals, waging wars, making offerings to Buddhist sites like the Mahamuni Buddha, and for astrology.
BurmaTaungoo DynastyKonbaung DynastyAva

Question 6: In ________, the saraswat Brahmins from Nasarpur of Sindh province are called Nasarpuri Sindh Saraswat Brahmin.
Punjab (Pakistan)PakistanKarachiSindh

Question 7: In the first place, the ________ were supposed to be educated, and it was thought, if they were converted, the inhabitants of Hindustan would readily follow their example.
Kashmiri PanditAbhinavaguptaBrahminJammu and Kashmir

Question 8: This classification occurs in ________ of Kalhana and earlier in some inscriptions [14]
Kushan EmpireKashmirRajataranginiKambojas

Question 9: These brahmin are part of the ________ branch known as International Society for Krishna Consciousness, or ISKCON
Chaitanya MahaprabhuGaudiya VaishnavismA. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupadaHindu reform movements

Question 10: Majority of Shri Gaud Brahmins are found in the Malwa region (Indore, Ujjain, ________).
BhopalMadhya PradeshMumbaiDewas

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