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Question 1: The Brahmaviharā practices are explained in "The Path of Purification" (Visuddhimagga), written in the fifth century CE by the scholar and commentator ________.

Question 2: According to the Metta Sutta, ________ held that cultivation of the Brahmavihāras has the power to cause the practitioner to be re-born into a Brahma realm (Pali: Brahmaloka).
Gautama BuddhaAshoka the GreatBuddhism and HinduismBuddhism

Question 3: Brahmavihāra (Pali and ________) may be parsed into "Brahma" and vihara; which is often rendered into English as "sublime" or "divine abodes".
MantraGautama BuddhaSanskritAshoka the Great

Question 4: ________'s inspirational poem If refers to the idea of Upekkha in calling Triumph and Disaster impostors.
George Bernard ShawKnut HamsunNobel Prize in LiteratureRudyard Kipling

Question 5: Shakyamuni Buddha replies that he personally knows the world of Brahma and the way to it, and explains the meditative method for reaching it by using an analogy of the resonance of the conch shell of the ________:
BuddhismAshtamangalaMindstreamBuddhist symbolism

Question 6: The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement uses them in public meditation events in Sri Lanka bringing together Buddhists, Hindu, Muslims, and ________.
EcumenismBaptistChristian denominationChristianity

Question 7: ________/Maitri: loving-kindness towards all; the hope that a person will be well; loving kindness is "the wish that all sentient beings, without any exception, be happy."[7]
Digha NikayaMettāHouseholder (Buddhism)Buddhism

Question 8: Brahmavihāra is a term in Pāli and ________ meaning “Brahma abidings”, or "Sublime attitudes."[1] They are also known as the Four Immeasurables (Sanskrit: apramana).
MantraAshoka the GreatPaliSanskrit

Question 9: This same list is also found in ________'s Yoga Sutras (1.33[3])


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