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Brahmagupta–Fibonacci identity: Quiz


Question 1: There is a similar eight-square identity derived from the Cayley numbers which has connections to ________.
Orthogonal groupCharacteristic classBott periodicity theoremClassifying space

Question 2: In ________, Brahmagupta's identity, also sometimes called Fibonacci's identity, implies that the product of two sums of two squares is itself a sum of two squares.
Vector spaceAlgebraMathematicsAlgebraic structure

Question 3: His Brahmasphutasiddhanta was translated from Sanskrit into Arabic by Mohammad al-Fazari, and was subsequently translated into ________ in 1126.
Old LatinRoman EmpireLatinVulgar Latin

Question 4: The identity was discovered by ________ (598–668), an Indian mathematician and astronomer.
Indian mathematicsBrahmaguptaAryabhataBhāskara II

Question 5: This identity holds in both the ring of integers and the ring of rational numbers, and more generally in any ________.
Ring (mathematics)Field (mathematics)Commutative ringVector space


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