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Bradycardia: Quiz


Question 1: ________ standard practice is to electronically monitor the heart and lungs for this reason.
Intensive-care medicineNeonatal intensive-care unitAcute respiratory distress syndromeAcute liver failure

Question 2: Medications (theophylline or ________) can be used to treat these spells in babies if necessary.

Question 3: An ________ IV may provide temporary improvement in symptomatic patients.
AtropineDicycloverineHyoscyamineMuscarinic antagonist

Question 4: The ________ pattern of each inhalation corresponds with the heart rate decreasing.
ParadoxAmbiguityBertrand RussellAristotle

Question 5: Resting bradycardia is often considered normal if the individual has no other symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, chest discomfort, ________ or shortness of breath associated with it.
TachycardiaCardiogenic shockPalpitationShock (circulatory)

Question 6: This usually appear on an ________ with a normal QRS complex accompanied with an inverted P wave either before, during, or after the QRS complex.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitationElectrocardiographyBlood pressureCirculatory system

Question 7: This ________ can be underlain by several causes, which are best divided into cardiac and non-cardiac causes.
Cardiac dysrhythmiaMyocardial infarctionAtrial fibrillationSupraventricular tachycardia

Question 8: professional cyclist ________ had a resting heart rate of 28 beats per minute).
Bernard HinaultEddy MerckxMiguel IndurainJacques Anquetil

Question 9: Treatment often consist of the administration of ________ and cardiac pacing.
DicycloverineMuscarinic antagonistHyoscyamineAtropine


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