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Brady Quinn: Quiz


Question 1:
In which team did Brady Quinn make his debut?
New York Mets
Texas Rangers
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Pirates

Question 2:
Where was Brady Quinn born?
Columbus, Ohio
Tallmadge, Ohio
Columbus, Georgia
Columbus, Ohio, U.S.

Question 3:
What is Brady Quinn's current status?
Possibly active
actively developed
Unit 6 : Active

Question 4:
What team does Brady Quinn play for?
Arizona Cardinals
Denver Broncos
Wisconsin Women's Volleyball

Question 5: He played ________ at Notre Dame.
College basketballBowl Championship SeriesCollege soccerCollege football

Question 6:
What proceeded Brady Quinn?
Fergus Falls
Frank L. Smith
"Funkytown" by Lipps Inc

Question 7:
Who has Brady Quinn played for in the past?
* Cleveland Browns n* Denver Broncos
* Miami Dolphins n* St. Louis Rams n* New York Giants *n:
* Washington Redskins *n* Hamilton Tiger-Cats n:
* Indianapolis Colts n* Carolina Panthers

Question 8:

Question 9:

Question 10:
How is Brady Quinn described?


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