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Brabham BT46: Quiz


Question 1: The BT46 was an ________ alloy monocoque featuring the trapezoidal cross section common to many of Gordon Murray’s 1970s designs.

Question 2: In 1970 the Chaparral 2J "sucker car" had proved significantly faster than its opposition in the American ________ sportscar series.
Can-AmLola CarsMario AndrettiMcLaren

Question 3: Alfa-Romeo’s sportscar-derived flat-12 engine had a capacity of 2995 cc and employed fuel injection and ________.
ThrottleCarburetorIgnition systemNaturally-aspirated engine

Question 4: ________, owner of the Brabham team, had also been secretary of the Formula One Constructors Association (FOCA) since 1972 and became its president during 1978.
Jack BrabhamBrabham BT46Bernie EcclestoneBrabham BT19

Question 5: The Brabham BT46 was a Formula One racing car, designed by Gordon Murray for the Brabham team, owned by Bernie Ecclestone, for the ________.
1979 Formula One season1980 Formula One season1978 Formula One season1977 Formula One season

Question 6: The 2J had two fans at the rear of the car driven by a dedicated ________ engine to draw large amounts of air from under the chassis, reducing pressure and creating downforce.
Two-stroke engineFour-stroke engineManifold (automotive)Oil pump (internal combustion engine)

Question 7: Lotus driver ________ said "It is like a bloody great vacuum cleaner.
Jacky IckxEmerson FittipaldiA. J. FoytMario Andretti

Question 8: The BT46B competed once again in 1979 in the Gunnar Nilsson Trophy race at ________.
Donington ParkSilverstone CircuitBrands HatchNürburgring

Question 9: The engine featured a cast magnesium alloy engine block with ________ crankcase and magnesium or aluminium cylinder heads.
VanadiumAluminium alloyTitaniumScandium

Question 10: As soon as they appeared at Zolder, the black and gold Type 79s of ________ and Ronnie Peterson outpaced the opposition by a comfortable margin.
Mario AndrettiA. J. FoytEmerson FittipaldiJacky Ickx


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