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Br'er Rabbit: Quiz


Question 1: In the popular Hip-Hop band ________, one of Emcees names is Br'er Rabbit.
FlobotsRise (Flobots song)Jamie LaurieHandlebars (song)

Question 2: The 1946 Disney film ________ is a frame story based on three Br'er Rabbit stories, "The Laughing Place", "The Tar Baby", and "The Briar Patch".
Fantasia (film)Who Framed Roger RabbitMary Poppins (film)Song of the South

Question 3: The Magic Kingdom and ________ thrill rides, both known as Splash Mountain, have a Br'er Rabbit theme.
Disneyland ResortDisneyland Monorail SystemDisney's California Adventure ParkDisneyland Park (Anaheim)

Question 4: He is a ________ character who succeeds through his wits rather than through strength, tweaking authority figures and bending social mores as he sees fit.
Creation mythTricksterShapeshiftingCulture hero

Question 5: The stories were retold for children by ________, the English children's writer.
Five Have a Wonderful TimeThe Famous Five (series)Enid BlytonFive Go Down to the Sea

Question 6: The story was originally published in Harper's Weekly by Robert Roosevelt; years later ________ wrote of the tar baby in his Uncle Remus stories.
Mark TwainJoel Chandler HarrisBooker T. WashingtonBr'er Rabbit

Question 7: In the Akan traditions of West Africa, the trickster is usually the spider (see ________), though the plots of spider tales are often identical to those of rabbit stories.

Question 8: Br'er Rabbit stories were written down by Robert Roosevelt, uncle of ________ Theodore Roosevelt.
United States NavyUnited States Marine CorpsMilitary history of the United StatesPresident of the United States

Question 9: These stories were popularized for the mainstream audience in the late 19th century by ________, who wrote up and published many of the stories which were passed down by oral tradition.
Joel Chandler HarrisMark TwainUncle RemusBooker T. Washington

Question 10: A similar tale from African folklore in Ghana has the trickster ________ in the role of Br'er Rabbit.

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