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Question 1: Each stands on a ridge within the river bend and two of the tombs, Knowth and ________ appear to contain stones re-used from an earlier monument at the site.
DowthNewgrangeBrú na BóinneIreland

Question 2: The most well-known sites within Brú na Bóinne are the impressive passage graves of ________, Knowth and Dowth all famous for their significant collections of megalithic art.
IrelandStonehengeGiant's CausewayNewgrange

Question 3: The site is often referred to as the "Bend of the Boyne" and this is often (incorrectly) taken to be a translation of Brú na Bóinne (________ of the Boyne).
FlorencePalaceOfficial residenceRome

Question 4: The site predates the ________ and was built with sophistication and a knowledge of science and astronomy, which is most evident in the passage grave of Newgrange.
Old KingdomEgyptian pyramidsSaqqaraAncient Egypt

Question 5: All access to ________ and Knowth is by guided tour only: tours begin at the Visitor Centre in Donore, Co.

Question 6: Dowth • Knowth • ________ • Monknewton • Newgrange cursus • Townleyhall passage grave
NewgrangeStonehengeBrú na BóinneIreland

Question 7: It is a complex of ________ chamber tombs, standing stones, henges and other prehistoric enclosures, some dating from as early as 35th century BC - 32nd century BC.
NeolithicCucuteni-Trypillian cultureLinear Pottery cultureVinča culture

Question 8: Newgrange and Dowth have Winter solstice solar alignments, while it is claimed Knowth has an ________ solar alignment.

Question 9: There is no in situ evidence for earlier activity at the site, save for the spotfinds of flint tools left by ________ hunters.
MesolithicStone Age10th millennium BC9th millennium BC

Question 10: ________ • Giant's Causeway (Northern Ireland)
Brú na BóinneSkellig IslandsKnowthSkellig Michael


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