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Question 1: The rest of them were gradually forced to become ________ ( BC ) and Other Backward classes ( OBC) people without any fixed / organized profession in their hands.
Other Backward ClassAdivasiLalu Prasad YadavMandal Commission

Question 2: During various wars and raids they migrated into remote regions of the world and carried titles such as 'Boyari' in Turkey, 'Boyash' in ________, Serbia and 'Boyar' in Russia and Bulgaria.

Question 3: ________ wanted to get the peerless weapon 'Pasupatastram' from Lord Shiva for the battle of Mahabharata.
ArjunaDuryodhanaDurvasaBhagavad Gita

Question 4: In Yoga Vasistha 1.15.5 ________ speaks of Kirateneva vagura, "a trap [laid] by Kiratas", so about 10 B.C.

Question 5: Today's Ramoshi in ________ was earlier called as Boya, Bedar and Vedan.
MumbaiPuneMaharashtraMarathi people

Question 6: Like Buddhism, another religious doctrine ________ was being preached the same time by Mahavir Jain in India.
JainismIndian religionsJain philosophyHinduism

Question 7: Boya is called as ________ in Tamil Nadu.
First Bulgarian EmpireTsarBoyarKievan Rus'

Question 8: Boyas often appear in kakatiya-period inscriptions as the persons who are entrusted with livestock endowed to temples, Donating perpetual lamp Nanda deepa and as ________ chieftains.
WarMilitaryMilitary historyMilitary science

Question 9: Possibly Thirumalai Nayakar invited them to dig out his great Teppakulam, and assist in raising gopurams of ________.
Chidambaram TempleHindu deitiesHanumanMeenakshi Amman temple

Question 10: Boya-kottams existed across southern states right from 5th century according to ________ inscriptions.
Pala EmpireHarshaEastern ChalukyasKakatiya dynasty


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