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Question 1: More often than not, boy band members do not play ________, either in recording sessions or on stage, and only sing and dance.
Byzantine lyraMusical instrumentClassical musicMusical notation

Question 2: In ________ episode New Kids on the Blecch, Bart is recruited for a boy band that is secretly a vehicle for subliminal navy recruitment messages.
Homer SimpsonThe Simpsons (franchise)The SimpsonsThe Simpsons Movie

Question 3: In the ________ episode Something You Can Do with Your Finger, Cartman formed a boy band named Fingerbang.
South Park (season 1)South Park controversiesBig Gay Al's Big Gay Boat RideSouth Park

Question 4: Due to this and their general commercial orientation towards preteens, teenyboppers, or teens audiences, the term may be used with negative connotations in ________.
Music journalismArt criticismArchitecture criticismNME

Question 5: Since the 1990s, bands such as ________ and LFO have disliked the term "boy band" and have preferred to be known as a "Male Vocal Group".
This Is Us (Backstreet Boys album)Backstreet BoysUnbreakable (Backstreet Boys album)A. J. McLean

Question 6: For example, as of 2008, boy bands are often influenced by pop punk, 1960's ________, post punk revivalists, power pop (a perennial genre) and dance-punk[citation needed].
Rock musicAlternative rockPunk rockGarage rock

Question 7: ________ radio station The Edge created a cliché boyband, called Boyband in 2006.
AustraliaNauruNew ZealandUnited Kingdom

Question 8: While The Monkees were a manufactured act who featured members with distinct (albeit fictional) personality types, ________ were a family group that established many musical conventions that boy bands follow.
Michael JacksonThe Jacksons: An American DreamThe Jackson 5Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever

Question 9: Starr's idea was to take the traditional template from the R&B genre (in this case his teenage band ________) and apply it to a pop genre.
Sean CombsHome Again (New Edition album)New EditionBobby Brown

Question 10: The Blink-182 music video for "All The Small Things" is a parody of boy bands and other pop stars, most prominently, the ________' "I Want It That Way" music video.
Unbreakable (Backstreet Boys album)This Is Us (Backstreet Boys album)Backstreet BoysA. J. McLean

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