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Question 1:
Who out of the following people is credited as a creator of Boxing?
John Ferraro
Richard Mortimer
Robert Maxwell

Question 2: Typically, three men stand in the corner besides the boxer himself; these are the trainer, the assistant trainer and the ________.
Mixed martial artsWoundCutmanBoxing

Question 3:
Where does Boxing come from?
United Kingdom
Czech Republic

Question 4: Some notable boxers who have been able to develop relative power in their jabs and use it to punish or 'wear down' their opponents to some effect include ________ and Wladimir Klitschko.
Mike TysonLarry HolmesBoxingGeorge Foreman

Question 5: The first inductees in 1990 included Jack Johnson, Benny Leonard, Jack Dempsey, Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson, ________, and Muhammad Ali.
Billy MillsTed WilliamsArchie MooreDon Larsen

Question 6: Wraps are also subject to inspection, a notable example being the fight between Shane Mosley and ________, where a plaster like substance was found in the wraps of Margarito, resulting in his suspension for "at least a year."
Oscar De La HoyaThe Battle (boxing)Zab JudahAntonio Margarito

Question 7: In 2000, the ________ government rejected calls for a ban following the life-threatening injuries to Paul Ingle.
EnglandUnited KingdomCanadaWales

Question 8: Slip________ rotates the body slightly so that an incoming punch passes harmlessly next to the head.
BoxingSlippingBob and weaveGrappling hold

Question 9: Professional boxing was banned in ________ in 1981, and in Sweden it was banned in 1981 [4] but legalized again in 2007 [5].
GermanyPolandUnited StatesNorway

Question 10: Fist fighting depicted in Sumerian relief carvings from the 3rd millennium BC, while an ancient Egyptian relief from the ________ depicts both fist-fighters and spectators.
Ancient Near East2nd millennium BC13th century BC17th century BC

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