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Question 1: Most ________ provide free balls for patrons to use, called house balls, although avid bowlers may purchase their own.

Question 2: ________ balls also fit in the hand, but are lighter than five-pin balls.There are also 6-16 pound bowling balls.
Candlepin bowlingTen-pin bowlingFive-pin bowlingDuckpin bowling

Question 3: A ________ ball has no finger holes and is smaller so that the bowler can hold the ball in the palm of his or her hand.
Five-pin bowlingCandlepin bowlingCurlingBowls

Question 4: In 1981 Ebonite began manufacturing the very first ________ cover stock bowling balls and sold the rights to AMF.

Question 5: A bowling ball is a round ball made from urethane, plastic, reactive resin or a combination of these materials which is used in the sport of ________.

Question 6: ________ balls generally have a set of three holes drilled in them, one each for the ring and middle finger, and one for the thumb; however, rules allow for up to five finger holes.
Ten-pin bowlingBowling ballBritish Tenpin Bowling Coaching AssociationWTBA World Tenpin Bowling Championships

Question 7: Some objects have included skulls, footballs, and ________.
Baseball awardsSoftballBaseballTown ball

Question 8: Thus, balls under about 11 pounds will float when placed in ________.
WaterWater resourcesOxygenEarth

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