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Question 1: [1][9] The rich marine life is due to the intense food supply of microscopic animals and plants, including ________ and zooplankton.
DiatomPhytoplanktonPrimary productionCyanobacteria

Question 2: [5] A number of monochrome photographs were taken and a few ________ were gathered for documents, but no species record was created for other types of oceanic life around Bowie Seamount.

Question 3: Geological studies indicate that the Kodiak-Bowie Seamount chain may have formed above a center of upwelling magma called a ________.
Mantle plumePlate tectonicsBasaltAnahim hotspot

Question 4: Bowie Seamount is a large submarine volcano in the northeastern Pacific Ocean, located 180 km (110 mi) west of the Queen Charlotte Islands, ________, Canada.
British ColumbiaOntarioAlbertaPacific Northwest

Question 5: ________ are volcanic mountains which rise from the seafloor.
Cold seepSeamountHydrothermal ventPelagic zone

Question 6: [5] In March 1969, dives were made at the submarine volcano by ________ divers from the CSS Parizeau during a new study for device package placement.
CFB HalifaxCFMETR, Nanoose BayCanadian Forces Maritime CommandCFB Esquimalt

Question 7: The lava emitted in eruptions at Bowie Seamount is made of ________, a common gray to black or dark brown volcanic rock low in silica content (the lava is mafic).
Igneous rockFlood basaltGraniteBasalt

Question 8: The volcano has a flat-topped summit (thus making it a guyot) rising about 3,000 m (10,000 ft) above the seabed, to 24 m (79 ft) below ________.
Physical oceanographyThermohaline circulationSea levelCurrent sea level rise

Question 9: [5] These specimens were identified at the Pacific Biological Station in ________, creating a list of eleven varieties of sea bottom invertebrates.
Courtenay, British ColumbiaCampbell River, British ColumbiaNanaimoDuncan, British Columbia

Question 10: Given its shallow depth, Bowie Seamount is a potential marine hazard because of the strong storms that strike the ________ during winter.
Vancouver IslandVictoria, British ColumbiaBritish Columbia CoastDiscovery Islands


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