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Question 1: Modern ________ have a mechanical system over which the string (in the form of a steel cable) passes as it is pulled.
Compound bowArcheryLongbowArrow

Question 2: The tips of the limbs may consist of a single curve for the ________, or be bent back upon themselves in the recurve bow.
LongbowArcheryEnglish longbowFlatbow

Question 3: The development of ________ and muskets, and the growing size of armies, slowly led to the replacement of bows as weapons of war.
GunpowderEarly Modern warfareEnglandCannon

Question 4: A ________ uses a combination of materials to create the limbs, allowing the use of materials specialized for the different functions of a bow limb.
CrossbowBow (weapon)Mounted archeryComposite bow

Question 5: They were dated to about 8,000 ________ but were destroyed in Hamburg during the Second World War.
Julian calendarCommon EraGregorian calendarCalendar era

Question 6: A bow is a weapon that projects ________ powered by the elasticity of the bow.
ArrowArrowheadArcheryEnglish longbow

Question 7: The classic composite bow uses wood for lightness and dimensional stability in the core, horn to store energy in compression, and ________ for its ability to store energy in tension.

Question 8: Plant fibres such as linen or ________ were also common and usually had a superior ratio of strength to mass.

Question 9: Modern synthetic ________ are totally resistant to moisture, have excellent mechanical properties, and are very cheap to produce.
NylonPlasticPolymerPolymer chemistry

Question 10: The second oldest bow fragments are the ________ Holmegaard bows from Denmark which were dated to 6,000 BCE.
Dutch elm diseaseUlmus laevisElmUlmus americana


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