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Bourbon Street: Quiz


Question 1: Bourbon Street begins at Canal Street (across Canal is Carondelet Street in the ________).
French QuarterMid-City New OrleansGarden District, New OrleansNew Orleans Central Business District

Question 2: Most popular among these is the annual ________ celebration, when Bourbon Street teems with hundreds of thousands of tourists.
Easter MondayCarnivalFather's DayMardi Gras

Question 3: The street is home to many bars, restaurants, strip clubs, as well as ________ and souvenir shops.
Boxer shortsT-shirtUndergarmentBoxer briefs

Question 4: New Orleans' most celebrated ________ event, The Bourbon Street Awards, was hosted by Lafitte's until the early 1980s when massive crowds forced them to move from Bourbon Street to St.
Mardi GrasCarnivalFather's DayEaster Monday

Question 5: The straight street continues downriver, southwest to northeast a few blocks from and roughly paralleling the Mississippi River, and comes to its terminus at Pauger Street in the ________.
Bywater, New OrleansFrench QuarterFaubourg MarignySt. Roch, New Orleans

Question 6: These include Rick's Cabaret, Temptations, and ________'s Barely Legal Club.
OhioUnited StatesLarry FlyntThe People vs. Larry Flynt

Question 7: (In the 19th century, Pauger was named as a continuation of Bourbon Street.) Bourbon Street was named in honor of the ________, the ruling French Royal Family, at the time of the city's founding.
Capetian dynastyHouse of BonaparteHouse of HabsburgHouse of Bourbon

Question 8: Ann Street proceeding several blocks northeast caters to New Orleans' thriving ________, featuring such clubs as New Orleans' largest gay nightclub, The Bourbon Pub, and Oz.
LGBT symbolsHomosexualityHeterosexismGay community

Question 9: Bourbon Street (French: Rue Bourbon) is a famous and historic street that spans the length of the ________ in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Garden District, New OrleansFrench QuarterMid-City New OrleansBywater, New Orleans

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