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Botanical garden: Quiz


Question 1: Heated conservatories called "________", such as the one at Kew, became a feature of many botanical gardens.

Question 2: In all gardens there was a heightened interest in structures including sculptures, pavilion, bandstands, memorials, ________, tea houses and the like.

Question 3: This system continues today although the possibility of genetic piracy and the transmission of ________ has received greater attention in recent times.
BiodiversityInvasive speciesExtinctionIntroduced species

Question 4: [5] There was a renewed interest in gardens of indigenous plants and areas dedicated to natural ________.
VegetationFire ecologyEcosystemEcological succession

Question 5: The first botanical garden in the United States, Bartram's Garden, was founded in 1730 near ________ and in the same year the Linnaean Botanic Garden at Philadelphia itself.
PhiladelphiaAllentown, PennsylvaniaPittsburghHarrisburg, Pennsylvania

Question 6: The Botanic Gardens Conservation Secretariat was established by the ________, and the World Conservation Union in 1987 with the aim of coordinating the plant conservation efforts of botanical gardens around the world.
ExtinctionConservation statusEndangered speciesInternational Union for Conservation of Nature

Question 7: If a botanical garden is defined by its scientific or academic connection then the first true botanical gardens were established with the revival of learning that occurred in the European ________.
Italian RenaissanceWestern art historyBaroqueRenaissance

Question 8: major timber (________: lumber) trees
United StatesEnglish languageAmerican EnglishAlaska

Question 9: Botanical gardens are still being built, such as the first botanical garden in ________, which will be one of the largest gardens in the world.
Saudi ArabiaUnited Arab EmiratesQatarOman

Question 10: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, ________
AustraliaBarbadosUnited KingdomCanada


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