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Question 1: All observed bosons have ________ spin, as opposed to fermions, which have half-integer spin.
Rational numberIntegerField (mathematics)Natural number

Question 2: Finally, many approaches to quantum gravity postulate a force carrier for gravity, the ________, which is a boson of spin 2.

Question 3: In contrast, ________ are usually associated with matter (although in quantum physics the distinction between the two concepts is not clear cut).
FermionBosonQuarkElementary particle

Question 4: This is in accordance with the spin-statistics theorem which states that in any reasonable relativistic ________, particles with integer spin are bosons, while particles with half-integer spin are fermions.
Particle physicsQuantum electrodynamicsRenormalizationQuantum field theory

Question 5: Another result is that the spectrum of a photon gas in thermal equilibrium is a ________, one example of which is black-body radiation; another is the thermal radiation of the opaque early Universe seen today as microwave background radiation.
SunPlanck's lawEnergyBlack body

Question 6: In addition, the standard model postulates the existence of ________, which give other particles their mass via the Higgs mechanism.
Particle physicsTop quarkQuarkHiggs boson

Question 7: By definition, bosons are particles which obey ________: when one swaps two bosons, the wavefunction of the system is unchanged.
Bose–Einstein statisticsMaxwell–Boltzmann statisticsStatistical mechanicsFermi–Dirac statistics

Question 8: Boson are named for Satyendra Nath Bose and ________.
Albert EinsteinIsaac NewtonScientific methodRelationship between religion and science

Question 9: Gluons are the fundamental force carriers underlying the ________.
Standard ModelGauge theoryQuarkStrong interaction

Question 10: Several bosons can occupy the same ________.
Quantum stateQuantum mechanicsBra-ket notationWave function


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