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Bosom of Abraham: Quiz


Question 1: In the 3rd century, ________ referred to Abraham's bosom as the place in hades where the righteous await judgment day in delight.
AntipopeHippolytus of RomeAnastasius BibliothecariusAntipope Novatian

Question 2: ________, on the other hand, described the bosom of Abraham as that section of Hades in which the righteous dead await the day of the Lord.
TertullianDidachePeter AbelardCatholic Church

Question 3: The fiery part of Hades is distinguished from the separate Old Testament, New Testament and Mishnah concept of ________ which is connected with the Last Judgment.

Question 4: The ________ describes Enoch's travels through the cosmos and divides Sheol into four sections: for the truly righteous, the good, the wicked awaiting judgment at the resurrection, and the wicked that will not even be resurrected.
Book of DanielBook of EnochBook of GenesisJubilees

Question 5: This article incorporates text from the 1901–1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, a publication now in the ________.
Intellectual propertyPublic domainCopyright infringementCopyright

Question 6: Among Christian writers, since the 1st century AD, "the Bosom of Abraham" has gradually ceased to designate a place of imperfect happiness, and it has generally become synonymous with ________ itself, or the Intermediate state.

Question 7: In First Temple Judaism, Sheol in the Hebrew Old Testament, or ________ in the Septuagint, is primarily a place of "silence" to which all men go.
Greek mythologyHadesApolloHermes

Question 8: The phrase "Bosom of Abraham" occurs in the Bible only in the New Testament in Luke 16:22-23 in ________' story of Lazarus and the Rich Man.
Apostle (Christian)New Testament view on Jesus' lifeJesusGospel

Question 9: 16:23) where the destination of leprous Lazarus after death is contrasted with the destination of a rich man who is carried by angels to ________.
ApolloGreek mythologyHermesHades

Question 10: The Bosom of Abraham occurs in one ________ passage (cf.
New TestamentGospelJesusBiblical canon


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