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Question 1: These are: ________, the largest population group of three, with Bosnian Serbs in second and Bosnian Croats in third.
Bosniak historyBosnia and HerzegovinaBosnian AustralianBosniaks

Question 2:
What type of government does Bosnia and Herzegovina have?

Question 3: The Tuzla-Sinalco ________ club from Tuzla has won the most Yugoslav championships, as well as four European Championships and one World Championship.
Okinawan martial artsKarateAikidoMartial arts

Question 4:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Question 5: Upon their arrival, the Slavs brought with them a tribal social structure which probably fell apart and gave way to ________ only with Frankish penetration into the region in the late ninth century.

Question 6: Bosnia is home to the composer Dušan Šestić, the creator of the current ________ of Bosnia and Herzegovina and father of singer Marija Šestić, composer Sasa Losic and pianist Sasha Toperich.
God Save the QueenAzərbaycan marşıNational anthemLa Marseillaise

Question 7: Eastern Bosnia is heavily forested along the river ________, and overall close to 50% of Bosnia and Herzegovina is forested.
Bajina BaštaDrinaNeretvaSerbia

Question 8: The central ________ are favored by hikers & walkers, containing both Mediterreanean & Alpine climates.
Dinaric AlpsBosnia and HerzegovinaMontenegroProkletije

Question 9: The Bosnian government charged Serbia of complicity in genocide in Bosnia during the war at the ________ (ICJ).
Universal jurisdictionUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUNESCOInternational Court of Justice

Question 10: For the most of Bosnia's history, ________ has been based on small and inefficient privately owned farms; food has traditionally been a net import for the republic.
Organic farmingIntensive farmingSustainable agricultureAgriculture


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