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Born to Be Wild: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following genres does Born to Be Wild produce?

Question 2:
Who played Husband the movie Born to Be Wild?
Titus Welliver
Byron Foulger
John C. McGinley
Ralph Byrd

Question 3:
Which of the following labels did Born to Be Wild work with?

Question 4:
Who played Company Spotter the movie Born to Be Wild?
Peter Boyle
Charles Williams
Davison Clark
John C. McGinley

Question 5:
Who wrote Born to Be Wild?

Question 6:
What role did Davison Clark play in the movie Born to Be Wild?
Max Carr
Steve Hackett
Rick Heller

Question 7:
What role did Robert Emmett Keane play in the movie Born to Be Wild?
J. Stearns Davis
Steve Hackett
Rick Heller
Bob the Paramedic

Question 8:
Who played Gus Charnley the movie Born to Be Wild?
Peter Boyle
John C. McGinley
Charles Williams
Ralph Byrd

Question 9: Fritz, a band that featured Stevie Nicks and ________ covered the song on a live set in the early 1970s before disbanding where Nicks and Buckingham formed Buckingham Nicks.
RumoursLindsey BuckinghamDreams (Fleetwood Mac song)Fleetwood Mac

Question 10:
When was Born to Be Wild recorded?
Fall 1967
Fall 1993
Fall 2003 at The Saltmine Studio Oasis in Mesa, Arizona
Word of Mouth, Seattle, Fall 1992

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