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Question 1: presidential candidate ________ became born again in the late 70s, which led him to apologize for his earlier segregationist views.
George WallaceHubert HumphreyHarold StassenEugene McCarthy

Question 2: According to John 3:5, Jesus originated the term "born again" (alternately translated "born from above") while teaching Nicodemus, a rabbi of the Jewish sect known as the ________.
Christianity and JudaismHasmoneanNevi'imPharisees

Question 3: New Birth ________, c.
Catholic ChurchProtestantismAnabaptistMenno Simons

Question 4: In ________, being born again represents a spiritual and metaphorical rebirth, accepting Jesus as the Messiah and receiving the Holy Spirit.
ChristianityEcumenismChristian denominationBaptist

Question 5: Former ________ governor and U.S.
KentuckyAlabamaMississippiGeorgia (U.S. state)

Question 6: In 1976, Watergate conspirator ________'s book Born Again gained international notice.
Aleksandr SolzhenitsynCharles ColsonBill BrightBilly Graham

Question 7: In recent history, born again is a term that has been widely associated with the ________ Christian renewal since the late 1960s, first in the United States and then later around the world.
EcumenismChristianityProtestant ReformationEvangelicalism

Question 8: It is one's own way of professing faith in ________ as "savior", placing the whole of one's trust in Christ for eternal salvation.
GospelJesusNew TestamentChrist


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