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Question 1: The rock also approached temperatures of several hundred degrees ________, requiring that the drilling fluid was refrigerated before being sent to the cutting face of the drill.
CelsiusJouleKelvinPascal (unit)

Question 2: In the 1970's and early 1980's the ________ attempted to drill a hole through the crust, to sample the Mohorovicic Discontinuity.
East GermanyJoseph StalinRussiaSoviet Union

Question 3: Further attempts at super-deep drillholes are planned by American consortia and further Russian attempts in ________.

Question 4: The deepest hole ever drilled failed not because of lack of money or time, but because of the ________ of rocks within the crust.
Particle physicsPhysicsQuantum mechanicsUniverse

Question 5: Boring is used for a wide variety of applications in geology, ________, hydrology, civil engineering, and oil and natural gas industries.
AgricultureSustainable agricultureOrganic farmingIntensive farming


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