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Question 1: Floppy disks and ________ are the most common forms of media used, but other media, such as magnetic or paper tape drives, zip drives, and more recently USB flash drives can be used.
Optical discCompact DiscCD-ROMOptical disc drive

Question 2: To enable booting without the requirement either for a mass storage device or to write to the boot medium, it is usual for the boot program to use some system ________ as a RAM disk for temporary file storage.
Dynamic random access memoryFlash memoryRandom-access memoryComputer data storage

Question 3: A boot disk is a removable digital data storage medium from which a computer can load and run (________) an operating system or utility program.
BootingPersonal computerLinuxUSB flash drive

Question 4: Bootable floppies for PCs usually contain MS-DOS or miniature versions of ________.
GNULinuxOpenSolarisSCO-Linux controversies

Question 5: The use of boot floppies is in decline, due to the availability of other higher-capacity options, such as ________ or USB flash drives.
CD-ROMCompact DiscOptical discOptical disc drive

Question 6: The most commonly available floppy disk can hold only 1.4 MB of data in its standard format, making it impractical for loading large ________.
Operating systemLinuxUnixMac OS X

Question 7: The computer's ________ must support booting from the device in question.
BIOSExtensible Firmware InterfaceMacintoshOperating system

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