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Question 1:
Who played Frank Needham the telemovie Boomtown?
Richard Tyson
Neil Patrick Harris
Matt Craven
Helmut Berger

Question 2:
Who played Richard Schwarzer the telemovie Boomtown?
Mykelti Williamson
Helmut Berger
Steffen Wink
Horst-Günter Marx

Question 3:
What role did Tom Wright play in the telemovie Boomtown?
Holden McKay
Carl Bouchard
Robert Bach
Horst Wagner

Question 4:
Who played Greg Haymer the telemovie Boomtown?
Douglas Roberts
Bobby Hosea
Mykelti Williamson
Donnie Wahlberg

Question 5:
What role did Joe Penny play in the telemovie Boomtown?
Officer Tom Turcotte
Officer Ray Hechler
Les Van Buren
Frank Needham

Question 6:
Who played Martin the telemovie Boomtown?
Miguel A. Núñez Jr.
Tyler Christopher
Douglas Roberts
Horst-Günter Marx

Question 7:
Who played Mr. LaFontaine the telemovie Boomtown?
Gregg Henry
Gerd Wameling
Damien Leake
Neal McDonough

Question 8:
What role did Patrick Kilpatrick play in the telemovie Boomtown?
Trevor Jankowski
Detective Joel Stevens
Ronnie Tucker

Question 9:
Who played Freaktown the telemovie Boomtown?
Steffen Wink
Joe Penny
Neal McDonough
Miguel A. Núñez Jr.

Question 10:
What role did Douglas Roberts play in the telemovie Boomtown?
Wilson Miner
David McNorris
Detective Daniel Ramos
Officer Vincent Manzani

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