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Boolean algebra: Quiz


Question 1: ________, any member of a certain class of mathematical structures that can be described in terms of an ordering or in terms of operations on a set
Boolean algebras canonically definedBoolean algebra (structure)Mathematical logicBoolean algebra (logic)

Question 2: ________, a general overview
Boolean algebra (logic)Introduction to Boolean algebraPropositional calculusBoolean algebras canonically defined

Question 3: ________, including applications such as computer science
Truth tableDigital electronicsBoolean algebra (logic)Boolean logic

Question 4: ________, the algebra of truth values and operations on them
Boolean algebra (logic)Boolean algebra (structure)Introduction to Boolean algebraBoolean logic

Question 5: ________: Boolean algebra as the laws of the algebra of finitary operations on {0,1}
Boolean algebras canonically definedAlgebraic structureFirst-order logicBoolean algebra (structure)


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