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Book of Tobit: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Book of Tobit have?

Question 2: Four fragmentary texts in Aramaic and one in Hebrew were found at ________.
Dead Sea scrollsEssenesSadduceesQumran

Question 3: She has lost seven husbands to the demon of lust -- ________ who abducts and kills every man she marries on their wedding night before the marriage can be consummated.
Asmodeus (Dungeons & Dragons)LilithAsmodeusDemonology (occultism)

Question 4: Raphael's work is done and he flies up to heaven - by ________.
Willem DrostDutch Golden Age paintingSelf-portraitRembrandt

Question 5: Doctrinally, the book is cited for its teaching on the intercession of angels, ________, and reverence for the dead.
MarriageFamily nameMotherFilial piety

Question 6: However, it is found in the Greek Old Testament (the Septuagint), and ________ and Hebrew fragments of the book were discovered in Cave IV at Qumran in 1952.
Akkadian languageAramaic languageArabic languageSemitic languages

Question 7: Under the guidance of Raphael, Tobias makes the journey to Media, accompanied by his ________.
Dog healthCoat (dog)Dog breedDog

Question 8: This book tells the story of a righteous Israelite of the Tribe of Naphtali named Tobit living in Nineveh after the deportation of the northern tribes of Israel to ________ in 721 BC under Sargon II.
AssyriaSumerBabyloniaAkkadian Empire

Question 9: Dragging the (big) fish along - by anonymous painter after ________.
StrasbourgAnthony van DyckNational Gallery (London)Adam Elsheimer

Question 10: cit., 786; a text found by ________ in the British Museum, Add.
RomaniaMoses GasterJudaismHebrew language

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