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Question 1: Some ________ believe this to be the intended meaning.
American Baptist AssociationPrimitive BaptistSeparate BaptistsFree Will Baptist

Question 2: [20] Ultimately it was included in the canon though it remains the only book of the New Testament that is not read within the ________ of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Divine LiturgyEastern ChristianityEastern Catholic ChurchesJohn Chrysostom

Question 3: ________ took an opposing, pessimistic view of Revelation in the final book he wrote, Apocalypse.
EnglandD. H. LawrencePoetryEzra Pound

Question 4: Critics study the conventions of ________ and events of the first century to make sense of what the author may have intended.
New Testament apocrypha2 EsdrasEpistleApocalyptic literature

Question 5: Others contend for an earlier date, 68 or 69 AD, in the reign of ________ or shortly thereafter.

Question 6: A number of ________ weighed in on the authorship of Revelation.
Early ChristianityEast–West SchismChurch FathersCatholic Church

Question 7: The traditional view holds that John the Apostle—considered to have written the Gospel and the epistles of John—was exiled on Patmos in the Aegean archipelago during the reign of ________, and there wrote Revelation.

Question 8: There are three main interpretations: Premillennialism, ________, and Postmillennialism.
Christian eschatologyAmillennialismCovenant theologySecond Coming

Question 9: Books about the "rapture" by authors like Hal Lindsey, and the more recent Left Behind novels (by Jerry Jenkins and ________) and movies, have done much to popularize this school of thought.
Second ComingTribulation ForceTim LaHayeThe Remnant (LaHaye novel)

Question 10: Proponents of all three views also generally portray Israel as unwittingly signing a seven year peace treaty with the ________, which initiates the seven year Tribulation.
Christian eschatologyCovenant theologyAntichristSecond Coming

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