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Book of Leviticus: Quiz


Question 1: These ordinances, in the book, are said to have been delivered in the space of a month, specifically the first month of the second year after ________.
MatzoPassover SederThe ExodusPassover

Question 2:

Question 3: According to traditional belief, Leviticus is the word of Yahweh, dictated to Moses from the ________ before Mount Sinai.
Christianity and JudaismTabernacleTorahJudaism

Question 4: The base of this accretion is the ________ (chapters 17–26), regarded as an early independent document related to the Covenant Code presented earlier in the Bible.
Holiness codeYom KippurRitual DecalogueTen Commandments

Question 5: Weekly Torah portions in Leviticus: Vayikra, Tzav, Shemini, Tazria, Metzora, ________, Kedoshim, Emor, Behar, and Bechukotai
Ki TisaRe'ehMishpatimAcharei

Question 6: Laws concerning sexual conduct—incest, bestiality, same-sex relationships among men, laws concerning sorcery, and Moloch (________, and also Leviticus 20, in which penalties are given)
MosesBibleLeviticus 18Talmud

Question 7: Leviticus (The Living Torah) Rabbi ________'s translation and commentary at
Hasidic JudaismAryeh KaplanJewish servicesKabbalah

Question 8: The ________ name became Liber Leviticus, from which the English name is derived.
Roman EmpireLatinOld LatinVulgar Latin

Question 9: The second part, Leviticus 17–26, is known as the ________, and places particular, and noticeable, emphasis on holiness, and the holy; it contains commandments intended not just for the priests but for the whole congregation.
BibleHoliness codeYom KippurRitual Decalogue

Question 10: These additional laws, in the views of those who follow Wellhausen's theories, are those which subsequently formed the ________, and thus the other portion of Leviticus.
Holiness codeTorahTen CommandmentsPriestly Code

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