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Book of Jonah: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Book of Jonah have?
Member of Parliament for Linlithgowshire
Oh Jonah!
Member of Parliament for West Lothian

Question 3: the ________) and the Greek translations (i.e.

Question 4: Fragments of the book were found among the ________ (DSS), most of which followed the Masoretic Text closely and with Mur XII reproducing a large portion of the text [6].
QumranEssenesTanakh at QumranDead Sea scrolls

Question 5: ________, whose name literally means "dove," is introduced to the reader in the very first verse.

Question 6: Some biblical scholars believe Jonah's prayer (Jonah  2:2-9) to be a later addition to the story (see ________ for more information on how such conclusions are drawn).
Archetypal literary criticismSource criticismLiterary theoryDeconstruction

Question 7: At some point, cetus became synonymous with ________ (c.f.
Killer whaleWhaleWhalingCetacea

Question 8: For example, he writes: "As, therefore, Jonah passed from the ship to the belly of the ________, so Christ passed from the cross to the sepulchre, or into the abyss of death.
CetaceaWhalingWhaleKiller whale

Question 9: As with most Old Testament interpretations found in the New Testament, Jesus’ interpretation is primarily “typological” (see ________).
Typology (theology)GospelNew CovenantTen Commandments

Question 10: It tells the story of a Hebrew prophet named ________ ben Amittai who is sent by God to prophesy the destruction of Nineveh but tries to escape the divine mission.


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