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Question 1: The four visions of chapters seven to twelve are an early example of ________ and, in contrast to the earlier chapters, are introduced in the first person.
Apocalyptic literatureNew Testament apocrypha2 EsdrasEpistle

Question 2: Many Orthodox Jews believe that the prophecy refers to the destruction of the ________ by the Romans in 70 AD.
Kohen GadolSecond Temple of JerusalemSolomon's TempleBar Kokhba revolt

Question 3: The vision in the third year of Belshazzar concerning a ram and a male ________ (8:1-27) which, we are informed, represent Media, Persia (the ram's two horns), and Greece (the goat).

Question 4: [39] Additionally, some point to the ________ found at Qumran dating from the mid-2nd century BC to 70 AD.
PesherTanakh at QumranDead Sea scrollsEssenes

Question 5: ________ (358 - 338 BC)
Artaxerxes IIIAlexander the GreatAchaemenid EmpireCyrus the Great

Question 6: Three additional sections are preserved only in the ________, and are considered apocryphal by Protestant Christians and Jews, and deuterocanonical by Catholic and Orthodox Christians.
New TestamentSeptuagintBibleOld Testament

Question 7: The book revolves around the figure of ________, a Judean who becomes Chief Magician (4:9) in the court of Nebuchadnezzar, the ruler of Babylon from 605 to 562 BC.

Question 8: ["Book of Biblical antiquities"] 4.6, 8), and was grouped among the prophets in the ________, the Jewish Greek Old Testament, and by Christians, who place the book among the prophets.
New TestamentSeptuagintBiblical apocryphaDeuterocanonical books

Question 9: There are six different locations all claimed to be the site of the tomb: ________, Kirkuk and Muqdadiyah in Iraq, Susa and Malamir in Iran, and Samarkand in Uzbekistan.
MesopotamiaAkkadian EmpireBabyloniaBabylon

Question 10: ________, James the Brother of Jesus, 1997.
Robert EisenmanDead Sea scrollsEmanuel TovFrank Moore Cross


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